The Weekly Raid: Which MMORPGs Should Get a Defiance Style Reboot?

Today's big story is Trion's announcement of Defiance 2050, a remake of their 5 year old sci-fi MMORPG shooter Defiance. The game originally launched alongside a SyFy series of the same name that lasted 3 seasons. While the show isn't making a comeback, Trion has announced that Defiance 2050 will be ready by summer 2018.

We don't have all the details just yet, but we do know players won't be able to transfer their current characters over. Besides a graphics overhaul, Defiance 2050 will have a new class and progression system. In many ways Defiance 2050 reminds us of another dated MMORPG that got a new lease on life: Secret World Legends. Funcom managed to revitalize an otherwise archaic game into something that can compete in the free to play reality of today's MMORPG marketplace. Defiance 2050 is set to launch as a free to play title available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

With that in mind, we're hopeful that other studios will adopt this strategy. There are so many great MMORPGs with tried and tested game worlds, mechanics, and so on. The only thing keeping them from attracting a whole new generation of players are archaic graphics, UIs, and netcode.

What are some MMORPGs you feel are deserving of a remake. Remember, we're not talking sequels or prequels here. My picks are the original EverQuest and Ragnarok Online. A 'spirtual successor' like Tree of Savior is one thing, but I suspect there are more than enough veterans eager to give Ragnarok Online another go i the game was revamped with today's technology.

Beyond just catering to veterans looking to make a streamlined return, a reboot could server as an entry point for a whole new generation of gamers. Many old MMORPGs have years of development put into them, but all that content might as well not exist if its incredibly difficult and frustrating to navigate those old worlds.

Lets hear your suggestions, and as a bonus let us know what aspects are most in need of a revamp.

Lifelong gamer always looking for the next virtual adventure. I'm still waiting for the next big MMORPG. Until then, you can find me hopping between multiple games.

  • Zoola

    conquer online with out the heavy pay to win cashshop would be awsome maybe like a 5 dollar price tag

  • Nubatron

    Remaking games like Ragnarok Online might not actually be such a great idea. Sure, people who loved it can have a nice nostalgia, but honestly, since that game's time was so long ago, the number of players who would and go back to it decreased, also the game itself is designed for that time's standards, which is all well and good, but does that still able to stand it's own today?
    Currently most of the more successful games are built around rewards. Players generally are playing to be rewarded and not to feel the accomplishment of working towards something. That is how I see it at least. You can see less and less random in loot systems (except for gambling with lootboxes).
    Well, what I want to say is that, games that are way too old don't really have a chance even if they are revived. I very much doubt the Classic project Blizzard is making for World of Warcraft will be working out for this very reason. In fact, probably the only reason we are getting it is the free marketing that fans of the original World of Warcraft had been doing for years arguing why "vanilla was the best" in trade chat.
    So, in my opinion if a game has it's graphics and whatnot upgraded as time goes every few years, they can still float.
    The Secret World was 5 years old when they released the new one. Defiance too. WoW was 6 years old when Cataclysm hit with it's overall graphic update. So yeah...

    • ivan_

      Agreed, old games have a lot of nostalgia but also a ton of archaic mechanics, and modern games have, for better or worse, spoiled gamers with lenient mechanics like fast level up (some even with cash-shop instant max level) and generally easier content. But to me this isn't a bad thing: there are still MMOs, even the "super casual" ones, that have a higher skillcap than most veterans would like to admit. It's a perception that accessible = easy, when in reality accessibility of a game just improves its outreach while maintaining a top 1-5% that play the game with superior ability.

      One thing I don't necessarily agree with is older games not having a chance to be revived... imo if an MMO changes enough in a sequel/revamp/"inspired by" (idea is there is an older game it's based on), people might consider playing it again, or it might even outgrow its predecessor. Perfect example is Overwatch, based heavily on Team fortress 2 (payload, ctf, koth / class shooter), and look at how successful it is...

      • Nubatron

        Overwatch did NOT revive Team Fortress 2. It's a horrible example. Overwatch may have been inspired by Team Fortress, but the two have completely different gameplay, have a completely different feel to it and have a completely different pace. This is like comparing Chess to Shogi. You have a board with two players, a set of pieces with their unique set of moves and you can promote pieces if you reach the enemy are with them. Still, the two games have completely different strategies, tactics and general flow to them even though at first glance they are really similar in their premise or concept. So yeah, Overwatch is just a game building upon the basics of Team Fortress 2.

        Basically I think my argument as to why really old games can't be revived still stands. If Overwatch revived anything it's the class shooter FPS genre, which to be fair, wasn't really dieing to begin with. It just pushed it to a much wider audience. And to be completely real here, it's popularity might be thanks in a large part to Blizzard and it's marketing. Pushing it out with all they've got to be an e-Sport game was also a big boost since everyone dreams of getting there one day. Now maybe Overwatch would've grown so large if we removed the e-Sport and the Blizzard game from it.

  • Zariarn

    Of all the MMORPGS I've played, I believe Everquest 2 sorely needs an update. That game really needs a graphics overhall. It has everything you want in an MMORPG but the graphics really need updating. It doesn't have to cutting edge just something newer and stable.

    • TianlanSha

      EQ2 engine is so flawed and poorly optimized, a graphical overhaul will only make things worse. With that engine of theirs, they literally will have to rebuild the game from the ground up and I doubt they can afford that.

      • Zariarn

        Oh I know. The game was built years ago and their engine was quite different. I still would love to see a new Everquest 2 with everything it has but new engine and graphics. Even if its an engine that's 5 years old and stable.

        • TianlanSha

          From what I know their engine was faulty from the very start, that's why people chose WoW over EQ2. I remember trying out EQ2 first around 2010-2011 and my first impression that the graphics looked very weird, not ugly, but weird - lighting was weird, character models were weird, the game looked very dull for a high fantasy game compared to WoW, which even on lowest settings looked very vibrant and colorful. The controls of EQ2 were janky, while in WoW they were fluid, the UI of EQ2 was a confusing reiteration of the one in EQ1, while WoW's was straightforward and easy to move around into.

          I never got far in EQ2 for those reasons, recently I tried to give it another go and while the graphics have somehow "normalized", even on lowest after reaching the first capital city I had HUGE stuttering. What turned me off was that quest description and visual indicators were vague - I was supposed to go to a certain place, so I look at my map and go there, but there is nothing like in the quest description, so I run around for 10 minutes, try to find some help on the internet, after nothing helped, I just uninstalled the game and vowed to never mess with it again.

          • Nubatron

            Ever played Morrowind without mods? Have fun!

          • TianlanSha

            I have, the only two being:

            - MXDE which allows me to change my resolution and create some distant land
            - MCP which fixes some flaws with the game that the developers missed

            No need for any other mods, the game is fantastic as it is and has aged pretty well. Right now enjoying ESO: Morrowind and it's nice to see how Vvardenfell would look like when more detailed while waiting for Skywind to release.