The Weekly Raid: Which MMORPGs Should Get a Defiance Style Reboot?

Today's big story is Trion's announcement of Defiance 2050, a remake of their 5 year old sci-fi MMORPG shooter Defiance. The game originally launched alongside a SyFy series of the same name that lasted 3 seasons. While the show isn't making a comeback, Trion has announced that Defiance 2050 will be ready by summer 2018.

We don't have all the details just yet, but we do know players won't be able to transfer their current characters over. Besides a graphics overhaul, Defiance 2050 will have a new class and progression system. In many ways Defiance 2050 reminds us of another dated MMORPG that got a new lease on life: Secret World Legends. Funcom managed to revitalize an otherwise archaic game into something that can compete in the free to play reality of today's MMORPG marketplace. Defiance 2050 is set to launch as a free to play title available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

With that in mind, we're hopeful that other studios will adopt this strategy. There are so many great MMORPGs with tried and tested game worlds, mechanics, and so on. The only thing keeping them from attracting a whole new generation of players are archaic graphics, UIs, and netcode.

What are some MMORPGs you feel are deserving of a remake. Remember, we're not talking sequels or prequels here. My picks are the original EverQuest and Ragnarok Online. A 'spirtual successor' like Tree of Savior is one thing, but I suspect there are more than enough veterans eager to give Ragnarok Online another go i the game was revamped with today's technology.

Beyond just catering to veterans looking to make a streamlined return, a reboot could server as an entry point for a whole new generation of gamers. Many old MMORPGs have years of development put into them, but all that content might as well not exist if its incredibly difficult and frustrating to navigate those old worlds.

Lets hear your suggestions, and as a bonus let us know what aspects are most in need of a revamp.

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