The Weekly Raid: What Are Your Thoughts On E3 2018?

While E3 official starts today and runs until June 14, all of the major studios have already held their press conferences. There were few surprises, no new consoles were announced afterall. But we did get a few controversial morsels.

Perhaps the most contentious announcement was that the previous announced Fallout 76 would be online-only and contain no singleplayer mode or living NPCs. Bethesda took pains to avoid the term 'MMO' for their latest entry in the Fallout series, instead going with the latest industry code word 'shared-world' to describe Fallout 76. The multiplayer aspect will mark a stark departure from other games in the series, with comparisons being made to games like Rust and DayZ. While many were disappointing in the direction of Fallout 76, its likely that this game will be a complement to the series and not a replacement of the traditional singleplayer numeric releases.

Another moment of outrage came at the EA conference when the mobile title Command & Conquer: Rivals was revealed. The classic RTS series has withered since EA bought Westwood, the studio behind the venerable franchise. The live chat and reddit threads were filled with angry fans who claimed EA was insulting the franchise with a gimmicky mobile release. The most striking criticism came from the wife of Totalbiscuit, a recently deceased video game critic, who stated she was glad her husband wasn't alive to see the route EA has taken the Command & Conquer franchise.

Bethesda also revealed a mobile game: Elder Scrolls: Blades, but with the twist that it will be available on every platform possible. Cross-platform play between everything from a phone to a PC-powered VR set up is in the works. Again, there were some disgruntled voices but its worth remembering that Blades will complement ther Elder Scrolls single player titles in the main series.

EA revealed more information on Anthem, the Bioware developed response to Activision-Blizzard's Destiny 2. Anthem too avoids the 'MMO' label, despite being an online-only title.

What are you most excited for from E3 this year? Share your thoughts below!

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