The Weekly Raid: Are You Playing MapleStory 2

MapleStory 2 finally had its free to play launch last week on October 10. Arriving on both the official Nexon launcher and on Steam, MapleStory 2 has so far had an extremely successful launch. The steam numbers show a consistent daily peak player count of 30,000+ and while we don't know the official numbers from the Nexon client, they are likely as high as those from Steam considering the earlier betas were only available via the official launcher.

MapleStory 2 is radically different from its predecessor. While the original MapleStory was a 2D side-scroller, the sequel makes the jump into 3D. While the original relied almost exclusively on grinding, especially at launch, the sequel has a main story quest line that takes players from level 1 to 60 (max) without the need to do a single side quest or grinding session along the way. But that doesn't mean MapleStory 2 isn't filled with things to do. Nearly from the start, players will have the opportunity to try mini games, mess around with life skills like fishing and gathering, and to run dungeons with other players. These side activities carry hefty rewards and are thus all viable ways to level up. The emphasis here seems to be rushing players to the max level of 60 then allowing them the freedom to try everything the game has to offer. So far, it seems to be working.

The real test, however, is the next few months. Its entirely possible to hit max level in MapleStory 2 in a single day. Even players who decide to roll an alt or two will quickly hit 'end game' and will have to decide whether the game is worth sticking with. In the mean time, are you playing MapleStory 2? If so, tell us why. What drew you to the game and do you think it will enjoy the sort of longevity the original MapleStory has enjoyed? If you're not playing, tell us why not.

We're hopeful that the social aspects in MapleStory 2, including the player housing, mini-games, musical instruments, and so on will keep the game lively for months even after hitting max level. Only time will tell. As a vision of how things can go wrong, we need not look further than Ragnarok Online 2 which was a totally different experience than what fans of the original were expecting. It didn't last long.

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