ArcheAge Unchained Servers Shutting Down In November And Merging Into ArcheAge

archeage unchained tree frame portrait banner

Back in 2019, Trion Worlds launched a separate premium, supposedly non-pay-to-win version of ArcheAge called ArcheAge Unchained. Three years and a new publisher later, its population is now so low that Kakao Games has finally decided to call it quits.

Come November 30th, all of the Archeage Unchained and ArcheAge servers will be merged into just two servers, one for those in North America and another for those in Europe. All players, especially those on the premium Unchained servers, are advised to read this article for more information on what’s going to happen to their remaining subscription times, account buffs, and houses once the servers are merged.

“[…] In the case of ArcheAge: Unchained, the population per server has reached a point where it is no longer possible for you to enjoy systems as they were designed to be,” Kakao admitted. “Unfortunately, with the current server population, we can’t continue servicing ArcheAge: Unchained alone.”

“We hope the merge of ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained leads to an active and lively field PvP as well as Faction War,” the South Korean publisher added. “We are trying to come up with different ways to aid those players who are not strong enough to compete with the existing players yet upon merge. We sincerely apologize to our ArcheAge: Unchained players once again that this decision had to be made.”