Five New Devs Join The Ashes Of Creation Team

ashes of creation city battle

According to a recent press release, Intrepid Studios has signed on five veteran developers to work on their upcoming MMORPG, Ashes of Creation. The recent additions to the game’s development team, most of whom come from Daybreak’s ranks, bring with them a wealth of experience from EverQuest to PlanetSide and H1Z1. The recent additions to the team are: Lead Economic [...]

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Ashes Of Creation Shows Off Tidesnapper Mount, New Cinematic Trailer

Ashes of Creation just recently passed the 9500 backer milestone, which means that it's time for Intrepid Studios to show off what backers will unlock if they reach the 11,000 backer milestone. At 11,000 backers, backers will unlock an eight-finned, turtle-like underwater mount called the "Tidesnapper," which can be seen in the image embedded below. And...that's all we know about [...]

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