Ashes Of Creation's Node System Detailed

Ashes of Creation came out of nowhere at the end of last year and impressed everyone with stunning visuals and innovative ideas. There are quite a number of systems that Intrepid Studios seems to hope will revolutionize the MMORPG genre. Yesterday, the company gave us a closer look at one of those systems: the node system. Ashes of Creation's node system isn't [...]

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Ashes Of Creation Reminds Us That Not All Water Temples Are Pure Evil

Ashes of Creation came out of nowhere recently and blew everyone away with its stunning graphics and ambitious ideas. Developed by the aptly named Intrepid Studios, the game is touting advanced features such as a dynamic world structure that builds around players' creations, farming, animal husbandry, dynamic quest chains that change based on players' choices and "experiences," PvP sieges, a [...]

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Ashes of Creation

Ashes of Creation is a fantasy MMO where players take part in an evolving game world: help a rural village grow into a metropolis, fight in large-scale PvP wars, and establish a strong network of trade for valuable resources. Publisher: Intrepid Studios Playerbase: TBD Type: MMO Release Date: TBA Pros: +Large open world with PvP. +Unique ideas. Cons: -Limited information [...]

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