Gameforge Announces Official Launch Date For Kingdom Under Fire 2 And Unveils New Gameplay Trailer

kingdom under fire 2 troops banner

After ten years, Gameforge has finally announced a definite release date for Kingdom Under Fire 2. According to the press release, the highly-awaited MMORPG/RTS hybrid will officially launch on November 14th. The game features three factions vying for control of Bersia: the Human Alliance, the Dark Legion, and the Encablossians. Players will also be able to choose from five distinct [...]

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Watch The New Kingdom Under Fire 2 Berzerker Class Spotlight Trailer And Opening Cinematic

kingdom under fire 2 berzerker class banner

The barrage of Kingdom Under Fire 2 class spotlight trailers continues this week. This time, we take a look at the hard-hitting Berzerker class. The Berzerker’s brute strength allows him to deal massive damage on the frontlines while his huge health pool and shield gives him the staying power needed to survive in the forefront of battle. “Legends from a [...]

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Kingdom Under Fire 2 Shows Off Gunslinger Class In New Trailer

kingdom under fire 2 gunslinger crowd control banner

Looks like we’re going to be bombarded with Kingdom Under Fire 2 class spotlight trailers this week. Yesterday, the publisher showed off the Ranger class for their upcoming MMORPG/RTS hybrid. Today, we’re treated to another spotlight trailer starring the dual pistol-wielding Gunslinger. “The Gunslinger prefers to fight at the forefront and immediately lock horns with the enemy, usually being among [...]

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Kingdom Under Fire 2 Shines The Spotlight On The Swift And Deadly Ranger Class

kingdom under fire 2 ranger banner

After nearly 10 years, the highly-awaited Korean MMORPG/RTS hybrid Kingdom Under Fire 2 is finally just a few weeks away from its scheduled North American and European launch date this November. One of the playable classes in the game is the Ranger which is the star of Gameforge’s latest Class Spotlight trailer. “While trying to revive the forest after invasion [...]

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Kingdom Under Fire 2 Gameplay First Look

Kingdom Under Fire 2 First Look By Omer Kingdom Under Fire 2 is a free to play action MMORPG with strategy elements developed by Blueside. The game was originally announced back in 2008 and made it to open beta in China in 2017 and is aiming for a Western release in 2018. The core combat mechanics feature action oriented non-targetted [...]

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