The Division Coming To Netflix, New PC And Mobile Spinoffs In Development

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Movie and TV adaptations of games seem to be the trend nowadays, with several big name games coming to Netflix following the success of The Witcher series. Netflix is currently working on several video game adaptations, including Assassin’s Creed, Beyond Good and Evil, Cyberpunk, Devil May Cry, Dota 2, Tomb Raider, and the most-recent addition, Ubisoft’s The Division. According to [...]

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The Division Update 1.8.1 Is Now Live Along With The Xbox One X Visual Enhancement Patch

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Last week, Ubisoft revealed the details of Update 1.8.1 for The Division. The update is now live and it comes with the highly-awaited Xbox One X Enhancement Patch which significantly improves visuals on the console with 4K rendering and a host of other graphical improvements. The update also brings with it two new Global Event: Blackout and Onslaught. Global Event [...]

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Try The Division For Free This Weekend

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With the release of The Division's final DLC pack this past February, you're probably wondering how the game is nowadays. It had an extremely large playerbase at launch, but players quickly left the game over a number of issues. It's improved quite a bit since then, but you're probably wondering if it has improved enough for you to jump in. [...]

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The Division's Engine Being Used In Several New Ubisoft Projects, More Pseudo-MMOs On The Way?

  In recent years, Ubisoft has been pushing into the pseudo-MMO space with a number of titles that offer online play in which you are automatically put into an instance with a set number of other players and that utilize the traditional box fee plus DLC model, rather than a heavy microtransaction element or a subscription. The titles in question are The [...]

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