Vindictus announces Maintenance, and teases a "Special New Event" for the final weeks of July

MMORPG Maintenance aren't anything to write home about. World of Warcraft has them. FFXIV has them. Heck, your estranged aunt who you haven't seen in years probably has them occasionally, too. So when Vindictus announced its latest maintenance, it more or less flew under our radar...until we scrolled down to look at the -What- section of the announcement. A "special [...]

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Vindictus announces Spirit Wings Event, RISE Revolution events continue

No Eastern MMO is complete without wings. In fact, they're just about everywhere in most Free-to-Play games (Aion comes to mind almost immediately). Vindictus has hopped on the bandwagon a few years back as well, and since then, has hosted events where players can acquire their own set of wings for their characters. The catch? They've been almost all exclusively RNG based. [...]

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Vindictus Korea releases Trailer for their latest playable character, Miri

Vindictus has certainly come a long way. In North America, the RISE Update has brought with it a whole slew of changes and revamps. Areas look different, the story-telling experience has been streamlined, quests removed and EXP changed. Certain skills are now available from level 1, and the backstories of the characters you play at has been expanded. Speaking of Characters, [...]

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