Aeria Games Will Publish Bless In The West


Aeria Games has signed the dotted line with Neowiz Games, finalizing a deal to publish Bless in North America and Europe, according to No announcement date has been made yet. And considering the Korean Open Beta launched on January 27th we may not see a localized Bless until the latter half of the summer.

Bless is a medieval fantasy MMORPG built on Unreal Engine 3. The game's world is torn apart by two factions (sound familiar?) and Neowiz touts a highly narrative driven experience.

Publisher Aeria Games is not immune to controversy, and many commentators already fear that Bless will be a pay-to-win title.

Redditor Myzzrym claims to have worked at Aeria Games, being responsible for the monetization of Aura Kingdom. He stated in a post:

Hey there guys,

I was working at Aeria Games until very recently. To be honest, they have been trying to move away from P2W these last 2 years. Aura Kingdom and Echo of Soul cash shops are nowhere close to Shaiya for instance. Hopefully if they keep going that way we might get a non-P2W game for BLESS.

That being said... "Not to mention, Aeria has some shit servers" => I agree, we used to complain a lot about the servers ourselves. Probably has to do with the choice of data centers to start with. They are working on changing that, fingers crossed to get that by the time BLESS is out.



While we can't confirm that Myzzrym's statements are true, it seems premature to call Bless pay-to-win before the game has even released. Basing unknown facts on a publishers other titles can be helpful but it doesn't lead to concrete proofs. Only time will tell.

What do you think of Neowiz's publishing deal with Aeria Games?