Bless Releases 2018 Development Roadmap

Ever since Bless announced it would launch on Steam sometime in 2018 Neowiz hasn't said much else of substance, but that changed today with the release of the game's 2018 development roadmap which featured an interview with Bless' game director Jae-hoon Jeon. Optimizing and polishing the game up was mentioned as a key goal: To summarize Bless Online’s development direction [...]

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Bless Launching on Steam in 2018

Neowiz Games revealed today that the open world MMORPG Bless will be launching on Steam sometime in 2018. The game's steam store page is already up and features a new trailer for the game as well. After Aeria Games cancelled their publishing agreement with Neowiz, many fans of Bless thought that an English release would never happen. Fortunately, with a [...]

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Bless Korean Servers Merged Down To One

In an another set back for the Unreal Engine 3 based fantasy MMORPG by Neowiz Games, the Korean version of Bless Online has announced its 4th round of server mergers. At least this will be the very last. The two current servers: 'Gaius' and 'Lumen' will be combined to form 'Elpis' on June 14th, 2017. This latest merger follows a [...]

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