Bless Online Launching Urdaata War Fortress Update on February 20th

bless online steam f2p launch

Despite its declining playerbase, Bless is still regularly introducing content to keep existing players engaged. The game is releasing the 'Urdaata War Fortress' dungeon on February 20th which is a level 50 dungeon that can be entered once per week. The update also adds several new cosmetic items in the game's cash shop including the regal Winter Sky costume (2600 Lumena) and 3 new leopard print headband hat items (400 Lumena each). More details on the next big update is set to be revealed with the upcoming Producer's Letter next month.

Bless is currently average ~640 players online according to Steamcharts, down 17% from last month, and down from an average of 1,550 in the month the game went free to play (November, 2018). Despite continuing to release new content, the Western version of the game still doesn't have the Mystic class which was available on the Russian version over a year ago. The mystic is set to release sometime in the first half of this year.

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