Aion Announces New 'Graffiti Artist' Class, Arrives In Korea Nov 28

NCSoft announced a rather interesting class for their fantasy MMORPG Aion this week. While we only have the official Korean name of 채화성 so far, English sources have unofficially translated the class name as 'Graffiti Artist'. It's certainly a fitting name based on the trailers! The new class is modeled after the Bard template so will be a powerful support class that best shines in a group setting.

Unlike the Bard, however, the Graffiti Artist has a decidedly alternative/punk ascetic. Armed with two magical bracelets that shoot paint, the new class is sure to make a splash when it arrives on the Korean servers on November 28. NCSoft has whipped up a official page for the new class which includes both a cinematic and gameplay trailer. The update should make its way to the European and American servers soon!

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