Analyst at Nexon's Investor Q&A Session Suggests Lawbreakers Will Shut Down

In Nexon's Q4 2017 Q&A call with analysts and investors, an analyst from Goldman Sachs asks Nexon CEO the following question:

"...Lawbreakers, now you're going into that console business but the title is going to be terminated, but you're in the console business. So, any takeaways from that? Any perspective on the console business in the incoming years?" -Time Stamp 34:02 At Q&A Session Video / Transcript of Q&A Session

Nexon's CEO Owen Mahoney responded:

"To Lawbreakers or the console business in general?"

The analyst answered "console business", which allowed Nexon to talk about their console strategy in the future. Oddly, Nexon's CEO did not dismiss the analyst's statement that Lawbreakers would be shutting down. A shut down was NOT announced in any publicly released document from Nexon, so this line of questioning from the Goldman Sachs analyst was definitely odd. Perhaps it means a shut down announcement is coming soon? Or perhaps the analyst was referring to the fact that Nexon wrote down the entire value of their investment in the game.

Regardless, I think the game will most definitely be shutting down in the near future. According to Steam Charts, Lawbreakers has averaged 7 concurrent players online over the last 30 days. I suspect that number will be even smaller next month.