Boss Key Studios, Company Behind Lawbreakers and Radical Heights, Shutting Down

Cliff Bleszinski announced on twitter today that Boss Key Studios is officially shut down. The company's 2 products Lawbreakers and Radical Heights will be shutting down in the near future. Check out the full statement below: Link to original tweet Anyone following Lawbreakers or Radical Heights should have seen this coming. Lawbreakers wasn't able to gain traction and quickly lost [...]

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Lawbreakers Halts Development and Won't go F2P

lawbreakers reactor wraith

The studio behind Lawbreakers, Bosskey, made a studio announcement earlier this week basically admitting that Lawbreakers has been a failure and that they're pivoting to a new project. They also made it clear that the game won't go free to play. The fact is LawBreakers failed to find enough of an audience to generate the funds necessary to keep it [...]

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Boss Key’s Cliff Bleszinski: LawBreakers Is ‘A Marathon Not A Sprint’, Press Can ‘Fuck Off’

lawbreakers blitzball roles

LawBreakers continues its downward spiral a month after Boss Key Productions revealed their plans to reformulate the game’s marketing strategy. Over the last 30 days, the game has averaged around 130 concurrent players, that’s a 29% decline from last month’s average player count. In an interview with, Boss Key Co-Founder Cliff Bleszinski reiterates that the game’s growth is “a [...]

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Try Out LawBreakers For Free This Weekend

lawbreakers gravity defying

It’s been a rocky month for sci-fi shooter LawBreakers if the game’s Steam Charts analysis is any indication. The game’s player count has dropped by nearly 75% over the past month, with the average number of players barely breaking the 150 mark. Boss Key Productions Co-Founder Cliff Bleszinski admitted last week that this was a “very humbling” experience for him, [...]

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