Anduin Wrynn Joins The Heroes Of The Storm Roster And Is Now Playable On The PTR

heroes of the storm anduin wrynnThe time for speculation is over. Anduin Wrynn has joined the Nexus alongside his father Varian Wrynn and the rest of the World of Warcraft Heroes. The “Boy King” of Stormwind is now playable on the Heroes of the Storm PTR and will fill the role of Ranged Healer in the game.

“With Shalamayne by his side, Anduin, King of Stormwind, has entered the Nexus to take his place by his warrior father's side. Anduin is a Ranged Healer who comes with an arsenal of abilities aimed at keeping his teammates alive, but also has the potential to unleash the Light's swift justice to enemies on the battlefield.”

Anduin’s basic abilities Flash Heal and Divine Star allows him to heal his allies. Divine Star also doubles as a damaging skill, dealing instant damage to enemies in a wide path. His third ability, Chastise, deals damage to the first enemy hero it hits and temporarily roots them in place. The Heroic Ability Word of Salvation allows him to heal all nearby Heroes while Lightbomb imbues an ally with the “Light” which explodes moments later dealing damage and stunning nearby enemies.

New skins for Anduin and Varian are now available in the cash shop along with Anduin’s Battle for Azeroth mount, Reverence. You’ll find the full patch notes on the Heroes of the Storm official site.