Ashes of Creation Launches New Pax West Trailer (Featuring Combat)

Kickstarter funded subscription MMORPG Ashes of Creation launched a new gameplay trailer today which shows off some actual in-game combat. A playable pre-alpha version of the game will be available at Pax West for attendees to try. Another stage of testing "Alpha Zero" (first time hearing that term) begins on December 15, 2017.

While I remain skeptical about Ashes, as well as most Kickstarter funded MMOs, I truly hope Ashes of Creation can live up to its promises. The game's node system sounds promising and Steven Sharif, the head honcho over at Intrepid Studios which develops Ashes, is a passionate MMORPG gamer. According to his own estimates the cost to build a viable build of Ashes of Creation will cost ~$30 million. The game only raised ~$3.2M through Kickstarter so it remains a mystery where the rest of the funding will come from for now.

Learn more about the game and Steven Sharif over MassivelyOP which conducted an interview with him.