Atlas Makes Pirate Life Easier With A Massive Balance Patch

atlas ship swordfight

If you think that life as a pirate in Atlas is all work and no play, then you’ll want to check out this bit of news. Wildcard and Grapeshot make life as a pirate a whole lot easier when the massive balance patch rolls out tomorrow. The patch tones down the game’s hardcore mechanics to make gameplay a lot less tedious and hopefully a lot more fun.

“[. . .] we can be a bit overzealous at times, what can we say? We like it a little rough but we understand when things go too far, sometimes it just takes the fun out and that’s when we need to consider, is this piece of the puzzle really worth it?

Sometimes aye, but also, sometimes nay! At times we should consider not punching people in the face when all they want to do is sail their raft and build a thatched home.”

Changes include increased resources, cheaper ships, weaker mobs, neutral zones, more trade ships, increased taming speeds, and decreased penalties for sailing against the wind. You’ll find the full list of changes in the latest Captain’s Log here.

Players can expect a lot more updates in the near future as the devs work hard to address the community’s feedback. “There will be a boatload of updates following v10 too, every few days another major drop,” says the devs. “ATLAS launched as an Early Access title, and we are a highly iterative development team. We’ll continue to pump out patches to improve the game and get it where it needs to be!”