Aura Kingdom announces Patch 35, scheduled to launch August 1st

In a press release sent out to their partners, Aura Kingdom has announced some of the changes coming to the game in Patch 35! These details will be available in full on the Aura Kingdom website on Monday, July 31st, but lets see if we can't break down some of the highlights.

Before I get into the patch notes, I want to stress - a lot of this stuff is in-development, and these notes, while they represent the finalized content, do not have any names, and are referred to things such as "Dungeon 1108/1128" and "NPC 12330."

  • Chronicle Researcher Parilla has analyzed the abilities of "Eidolon 151" and can be used during fights now
  • The addition of dungeons "1108" and "1128." These dungeons can be accessed via「穿梭儀器二號」on Map 5 (X:243,Y:654).
  • I did warn you this content was still in-translation.
  • Dungeons 1414, 1415, 1564, and 1565 have been added, and players who are level 85 can access them via the teleports on Maps 25 and 26.
  • The Pet Capture System has been added, which requires players to complete all house missions.
  • Character names over 12 digits will be forced to change names.

...I really wish I had more information for you, but the Press Release wasn't exactly easy to understand. On the other hand, we will not leave you empty-handed - concept art was also attached. Eidolon 151, perhaps?