Aura Kingdom Mobile Coming Soon, X-Legend To Self Publish

First announced way back in September 2016, Aura Kingdom Mobile is finally coming to the West! X-Legend released a teaser site earlier this month that contains trailers for the upcoming mobile MMORPG. While we don't have a firm date quite yet, we do know that X-Legend has decided to self-publish the Global version rather than rely on their long time partner Aeria Games.

Aeria Games currently publishes the majority of X-Legend's PC MMORPG portfolio including Eden Eternal, Grand Fantasia, Twin Saga, and the original PC version of Aura Kingdom. The Taiwanese version of Aura Kingdom Mobile has been available since late 2016 so curious gamers can take a look at a variety of gameplay videos to determine whether Aura Kingdom Mobile is worth their time.

From what we've seen, its a pretty good looking MMORPG despite already being two years old. Take a look for yourself, we've included footage from our friends over at MMOCulture below!

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