A Mobile Version Of Aura Kingdom Is On The Way


It seems like every MMORPG has a mobile version in development these days. From recent games like ArcheAge to classics like Lineage 2, no game is safe from being turned into upwards of three different mobile MMOsX-Legend announced yesterday that its anime MMORPG Aura Kingdom will be joining these games in making the jump to mobile. According to MMOCulture, the mobile version of Aura Kingdom is currently going by two different titles: Aura Kingdom: Goddess of Beginning and Aura Kingdom Mobile.

X-Legend has yet to reveal even the genre that Aura Kingdom Mobile will be, but it will feature the following key features from the PC title: equipment, quests, instanced dungeons, and the Sky Tower. The story will see players work with the Eidolons as they attempt to "stop the Shadow Knight's ambition." A new character, "Gaia, Mistress of Eidolons"—pictured above—seems as if she will play a fairly significant role in the story. She owns the Cube of Gaia, which is "the central power in the world of Azuria."

Aura Kingdom Mobile is said to be nearing the end of development and launching "soon." You can find the extremely vague, 17-second teaser, in which two anime characters use a nondescript application on a nondescript phone, embedded below.