Battle Royale MMORPG Hybrid Hunter’s Arena Legends Officially Launches Into Steam Early Access

hunters arena legends shrine sunlight bannerHunter’s Arena Legends, Mantisco’s battle royale MMORPG MOBA hybrid, has officially launched into Steam Early Access. The independent Korean developer first announced the game back in May 2019 promising a unique PvPvE battle royale experience mixed with RPG and MOBA elements.

“Hunter’s Arena: Legends takes the well-worn battle royale genre and gives it a shake-up with some exciting new twists on the formula, all in a beautifully realised world to deliver one of the most visually striking experiences of its kind. Elements of RPG’s and MOBA’s have been blended into a brand new multiplayer experience to create dynamic action-packed combat encounters.

60 players will need to level up in-game by hunting monsters, overcoming fierce boss characters and conquering over 20 challenging dungeons for precious buff-granting loot, all while engaged in a tactical battle of skills with each other to be the last person standing and emerge victorious.”

The Early Access build features a new melee hero, called Yoongeon, and a new Free for All game mode.

Hunter’s Arena Legends is currently priced at $19.99 on Steam. Check out the official Early Access launch trailer below for a preview of what the game has to offer.

Early Access - Jul 15 on STEAM


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