Bioware's Anthem Launching February 22, 2019 - Won't Have Lootboxes

anthem flight group

While not exactly an MMO, EA announced today that Anthem will be launching on February 22, 2019 and with the announcement came a sweet new trailer:

Anthem's core gameplay will take place in a multiplayer shared open world which can be played solo or online with buddies. Though Bioware did mention that the game was meant to be played co-op and that solo play would be difficult. From the looks of it the game looks a lot like Activision's Destiny, except with a stronger emphasis on storytelling.

It also looks like EA is taking a cue from the Battlefront 2 PR disaster they endured earlier this year by not including any kind of lookboxes or pay 2 win elements in Anthem; the game's cash shop will only sell cosmetic and vanity items.