BioWare Reveals Details Of Upcoming Anthem Cataclysm Event

anthem javelin interceptor dash

Speed-runners, ready, set, go! BioWare has just revealed the details of the upcoming Anthem Cataclysm event. Cataclysm is a limited-time event that will have freelancers exploring a special new map, solving puzzles, completing objectives, and ultimately taking down the final boss Vara before the timer expires for a chance at acquiring new powers, weapons, Masterwork and Legendary gear, and other [...]

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Next Week’s Anthem Update Will Remove Forge Loading Screen And Introduce More Loot Changes

anthem xl javelin adapt

More changes are coming to Anthem according to Wednesday’s developer livestream. BioWare will be rolling out Path 1.0.4 next week which includes a number of highly-awaited content and more loot changes. “Loot Changes: Bosses still have their guaranteed Masterworks as normal Can also drop legendaries in any GM level, with better chance in higher GM levels. Legendary chance is rolled [...]

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Anthem Lead Producer Explains Alliance System And Guilds, Hints At ‘Big Things’ To Come

anthem spiral lights

Anthem is one of those games that you can either play solo or with friends. The folks at BioWare, however, encourages players to go with the latter through Anthem's Alliance System. “We believe Anthem is a game best played with friends and to make that experience awesome, we need to have social systems to make playing with friends easier,” says [...]

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