Black Desert Online Celebrates Valentine’s Day And Rolls Out Witch & Wizard Succession Skills

black desert online spirit love bannerThe Black Desert Online Valentine’s Day event is now in full swing in the PC version and players are frantically hunting down wooden beehives, gathering their chocolate, and combining it with honey to get Fantastic Honey Wine. Collect 30 Fantastic Honey Wines and exchange them for Stella’s Event Stone through the Valentine of Florin NPC. Fairy-related goodies are also up for grabs as part of the new Loyal Attendance rewards.

Meanwhile, Kakao Games continues to roll out Succession Skills. This week, the Wizard and Witch will be gain access to more potent main weapon skills. “The two masters of the staff get new skills for their main weapon to cast devastating spells!” says Kakao.

Check out the full patch notes on the Black Desert Online official site.