Black Desert Online Kicks Off Reward-Filled Halloween Festivities On All Platforms

black desert online marnis spooky playground

It’s patch day once again for Black Desert Online across all platforms, bringing three separate Halloween events to PC, console, and mobile.

“Starting this week, Pearl Abyss hosts a hauntingly horrific Black Desert makeover with harrowing Halloween in-game events, reward-friendly activities, and deep, spine-tingling sales for players across all platforms,” the studio announced.

On PC, players can now make their way over to a Marni’s Spooky Playground where they’ll face off against the Black Witch Isabella and the rampaging Innocence Mk XII robot. You’ll also be able to pick up daily and weekly event quests to earn reward-filled Creepy Goody Bags in addition to new daily login rewards.

Not to be left behind, console players will also get to embark on a grand Halloween adventure in the Ancient Black Spirit Adventure board game. “Roll the dice and embark on a thrilling quest with enticing rewards that will keep you spellbound,” Pearl Abyss said. “[…] Beware of a monster named Spook who will begin randomly spawning across the world (except Valencia), dropping items like the Black Fabric, Memory Fragment, Ancient Spirit Dust, Black Stones, and a swath of other creepy items.”

Black Desert Mobile’s Halloween event is a bit tamer than its PC and console counterparts but is still offering season-appropriate activities and rewards including mini-games, collectible ghost dolls that can be exchanged for themed items, and a pumpkin growing event with monster invasions on the side.