Black Desert Online Announces Twin Classes Coming To Both PC And Mobile

black desert online mmorpg maegu woosa twin shadows

Black Desert Online will be getting a pair of new classes, one for the PC version and one for Black Desert Mobile. The so-called “twin classes” Maegu and Woosa are actual twins who, according to the game’s lore, followed separate paths and grew apart over the years.

“The twins were born on a leap year day when neither the sun nor moon lit the sky,” Pearl Abyss revealed. “Although their paths diverged, each was destined to discover the true meaning of "Do" at their journey's end. While one sought to commune with the gods, the other focused on honing her own inner-discipline. As such, not a single day of peace existed between them.”

The new classes will be making their debut simultaneously on both versions of the game in the near future, with Maegu headed to PC and Woosa on mobile. Pearly Abyss will be sharing more information about the twin classes at the next Calpheon Ball this December, but players can now pre-register for both classes from now until December 14th on PC and December 13th on mobile to be able to claim an assortment of pre-registration rewards.

Black Desert's First-ever Twin Classes: Pre-registration Available Now|Black Desert