Bless Launches Patch 1.3.0 Adding Royal Quests and Basel Gorge PvP Area

Neowiz launched their 4th of July update for Bless yesterday which added a new series of daily quests called 'Royal Quests' which players unlock at level 45 as well as a new PvP area called Basel Gorge. These new daily quests are marked by a purple quest icon on the world map and yield higher rewards than a typical quest. The more Royal Quests players complete, the better the rewards. Every 5 yields a special bonus:

  • Royal Quest completed 5 times: [Luxury] Royal Box × 1
  • Royal Quest completed 10 times: [Rare] Royal Box × 1
  • Royal Quest completed 15 times: [Hero] Royal Box × 1

Basel Gorge is a new PvP conflict zone located between the Union and Hieron where players compete to control the 3 neutral bases in the area. PvP is encouraged in Basel Gorge so players receive bonus combat points for defeating enemies, and as such it's recommended to travel here with a full group of players.

While Bless is still losing players, it looks like things are stabilizing a bit. The game averages ~3600 players online at once with a 24 hour peak of 5,515.

Learn more about on the official patchnotes.