Bless Launching Siege of Astra 70 vs 70 PvP Battlefield Soon

Despite all the hiccups with Bless's launch on Steam, Neowiz is pressing ahead with new updates and tweaks to the game. The game's 70 vs 70 large scale PvP mode called Siege of Astra is set to launch on the Steam version of the game in the near future and Neowiz previewed it on their Steam page today.

Players level 25 and higher will be able to access the Siege of Astra simply by selecting the War->Battlefield menu after hitting escape. Each siege lasts 30 minutes and whoever kills the enemy commander first wins. To spice things up, at the center of the battlefield is a "Purifying Tree" which grants whichever side controlling it a vindictible spirit that attacks the enemy's base.

Participating in the Siege of Castra is quite rewarding as well with the winning team getting 400 combat points and 100 quest performance points. While no release date has been announced for the Siege of Casta update, expect an announcement soon.

Despite Bless's numerous launch woes, the game still gets well over 10,000 average concurrent users on Steam. While this is certainly down for the game's all time peak of 34,288, the decline has steadied a bit.