Bless Online Adding New Mystic Class During First Half of 2019, Continues Losing Players

In a producer letter released earlier today, Neowiz announced that Bless will be getting the Mystic class sometime during the first half of 2019. Besides the Paladin, the Mystic is the only other class in the game with healing abilities. Unlike the Paladin though, the Mystic is a more dedicated healing class, but will also have some offensive capabilities. The Mystic class isn't exactly "new" though, as it was available in the Russian version of the game over a year ago. Still, it's new to the English version.

Check out the Mystic in action below:

Despite getting a big bump since going free to play, Bless continues to lose players. Since going free to play in Late October, the game was peaking at ~4,900 users and now peaks at ~1,750. The game has steadily been losing players each and every week consistently according to data from Steamcharts. The player exodus shouldn't surprise anyone as the game is extremely poorly optimized.