Bless Online Gets A New Endgame Dungeon And New Cosmetics

bless online wise ones mausoleumLet’s face it, we’re all silently rooting for Bless Online to succeed especially considering the rocky journey it’s been through. Well, it looks like Neowiz has things pretty much under control and is looking to start the new year right with a big in-game event and a new endgame dungeon.

“This update is designed to test the skill of max-level players. The Wise Ones’ Mausoleum Elite dungeon has a recommended party number of five players and offers some of the best possible gear in the game, including an all-new legendary helmet.

2019’s first big in-game event is starting too, and it’s all about the Basel Gorge. Starting after the patch is deployed on January 9th, players will be rewarded with Certificates of Valor when they defeat monsters in Basel Gorge or when they complete any of the Basel Gorge daily quests. Players can then use the Certificates of Valor to craft a variety of Lucky Chests.”

The in-game cash shop has also been updated with a “a ton of oft-requested items”. These include portable NPC summons, a.k.a. Popochita On-Demand Services, and nine new costumes including a Viking set, a Snowfield Buffalo set, the Walking Lollo pet skin, and the Charging Drakaru mount skin.

Check out the Bless Online official site to learn more.