Bless's January 9th Update Adding New Dungeon and Events

Despite steadily losing players (currently averaging 996 concurrent), Bless is continuing to push out updates regularly. The game is launching an update on January 9th which will introduce the new Sapiens Mausoleum Dungeon (Elite) as well as the Basel Gorge Certificate of Valor Event.

The new dungeon is aimed at level 50 players and a full party of 5 is recommended. Players can only enter it once per day with the entrance for both Hieron and Union players located in the Wise One's Ruins inside the Elemental Forest. The final boss drops crafting materials, rare spirits, and a legendary helmet.

Still no word on when exactly the new Mystic class will launch, but Neowiz did announce last month that it'll be launching sometime this year.

Despite going free to play on October 23, 2018, Bless continues to bleed players with the game's concurrent playerbase down over 30% since going free to play just 3 months ago.

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