Bless Online Nerfs Damage Across the Board by 50-70% For All Classes

bless online stairs

In what seems like an unprecedented move for a live game, Bless nerfed damage across the board for every class by about 50-70%. The reasoning behind the move was as follows:

Before today’s patch, character’s stats were set differently from what we intended. For that reason, we found out that only a few set of skills have been used in most classes. The offensive skills values were set too high while the defensive/healing skills’ value were set too low.

I find it difficult to believe that they mistakenly had every classes damage increased by 300% so they needed to nerf it down by 50-70%. To better illustrate this change my level 25 mage's Fiery Meteor for example was hitting for 1200 on enemies and now hits for 300-400. I imagine quite a few players are upset to wake up and discover they're hitting for up to 70% less damage.

Considering how easy the game's content was prior to this patch I actually think the changes were a great idea. Players can no longer solo stomp dungeons and need to thread a bit more carefully when pulling enemies. Still, making such a drastic change on a live game seems a bit ridiculous. Anyone who played extensively before today's patch was able to level up significantly faster than anyone who begins playing now. The dungeons that were extremely easily to solo for super fast experience aren't nearly as easy as they were before. I suspect one of the primary reasons for the damage nerf had more to do with the game lacking end game content than anything else. As-is the Steam version of the game has practically zero end game content. Given other big issues with the launch (a dupe bug which has now been patched), perhaps Neowiz should consider a wipe.

Source: Patchnotes