Bless Removes "Premium Customer Service" on Founders Pack and Reduces Prices

It looks like Neowiz caved from the recent outrage surrounding their founders pack pricing by reducing prices and removing "customer service priority" from the packs. Neowiz also revealed what a premium subscription actually includes as well as showed off the first exclusive founders skin.

The key changes are below:

  • We've reduced the price of the largest founder pack from $199 to $149.
  • There is no longer a "customer service priority" attached to any of the packs.
  • We detailed what the premium subscription (which is optional) will entail.
  • We showed off the first exclusive skins for founders.
  • We detailed guild benefits and how updates will be handled.
  • We announced that the Assassin class is the first big update coming after Early Access!

Some of the interesting points from the Q&A are:

Q: We want more information on the founder’s packs.

A: Founder's packs will include the Bless Online base game, exclusive skins, premium membership, Lumena, and other benefits.
The content of all the founder's packs include the base game, and purchasers can expect around a 31-33% discount from what the price would be if all the components were purchased individually.

Q: Is the premium membership subscription based? What are the benefits?

A: Premium membership is not a subscription-based product. Premium membership can help increase efficiency or provide an effect that will, for a limited amount of time, reduce the costs of convenience related fees. As anyone with the base game can enjoy all of Bless’ content without restriction, premium membership can be see as an option for those who want a more convenient gameplay experience. As we are aware of your concerns regarding P2W, there will be no items that can directly enhance characters or items.

The following are details regarding premium membership. They are applied to all characters in a region within the specified time period. (exception: skins may only belong to one character)

  • Premium mount skin (Black Wind Caligo)
  • Premium pet skin (Enchanting Loroshi)
  • Reduces NPC equipment repair fee by 30%
  • Reduces Wyvern usage fee by 50 %: Players can travel to any area within Bless by paying the Wyvern manager (located in each village/city) gold for Wyvern transportation.
  • Pickaxe: This premium pickaxe used for Gathering provides unlimited usage within the designated time period, whereas the regular pickaxe has a limited number of uses.
  • Gathering Bag: This premium bag used for Gathering provides unlimited usage within the designated time period, whereas the regular gathering bag has a limited number of uses.
  • Acquires 20% more hunting experience points: Increased amount of experience points earned through hunting monsters.
  • Acquires 20% more Dungeon points: Increased amount of dungeon points earned through playing dungeons.
  • Adds 20% hunting gold bonus: Increased amount of gold earned through hunting monsters.
  • Allows 5 more items to be registered in the market: Increased amount of items registerable on the market.
  • Reduces market tax by 10%: Reduced market tax rate.
  • Increases daily activity point exchange amount by 20%: The amount of exchanges allowed per day within the in-game system, Exchange Office, is increased. The Exchange Office is an in-game feature where players can exchange a specific amount of their dungeon and combat points (earned through in-game activities) into Lumena. It is exchangeable regardless of whether you purchase the premium membership or not. The Lumena that one obtains through exchanges is an in-game currency with which players can purchase a variety of items in the store.

Premium mount/pet skins are characteristic appearance skins included only in the premium membership. As they are cosmetics, purchasers will not obtain any secondary benefit from its usage (They are also untradeable and cannot be dismantled).

Another interesting one was:

Q: Is there any plan for a non-PvP server? If not, why?

A: No! As Bless has both PvP and PvE content, players can play the game however they like without needing to have separate servers.

Q: Will there be Player to Player trading?

A: No there will not. Aside from the in-game auction house, there is no feature that allows player-to-player trading as we do not want a black market.

Learn more here.

  • Augosyx

    Still too much for a CE but at least, they've finally realized how Premium customer service doesn't benefit those who only buys the base game or any of the two Founders Pack. Just prioritize those in need and no need to be biased just because one pays extra. The Premium membership, however, I'd probably agree with just exclusive mounts and costumes but EXP boost kinda reminds me of how F2P games does this, not a necessity but still would've just play it fair.

    • KodaiRyu

      did you knew 400 lumena is $10 ?

  • HNN

    Glad they clarify and modify some stuff. Looking good as they're listening

  • Rex Xillian

    Looks like a standard F2P subscription model to me. Still $150 is far too much - i wont be getting either pack but will at least check the game out on release

    • turbhs

      Yeah but, it's not F2P. It's B2P and it's 30 dollars on the 30th. You're paying for support, the additions and the 2 day headstart.

      • Rex Xillian

        Yeah you're right, i meant to say B2P. I was thinking it seemed very similar to Black Deserts model - forgot that was B2P too lol

    • ID


  • MyBurntToast

    Good move by Neowiz. I think i will consider getting on the hype train.

  • Bojan Simonovic

    Whats the use when they created new action game control crap! People want to relax with mmos when come from Work! I wanted to play this game now im just gonna pass it and play dbog or l2 until smarter developers came and create a good game!

    • Ivan Bayum

      Good, 1 less vegetable. Android has a lot of auto-play crap for the likes of you.

      • Bojan Simonovic

        Im saying something everyone that all real persons unlike you said. Tell me what are most succesfull mmorpg in World? Games like WOW and L2. All action games have failed and closed. You are dumb same as developers. Dont worry kid you will grow older ans isue same thing.

    • ID

      I agree! The new combat is the only reason that could turn me away. I just hope it’s still playable with a mouse and not just a bunch of button mashing.

  • chaoscauser

    Still overpriced because of the premium membership.. They either be buy to play ,then free to play.. not buy to play then pay to play

  • DarkFox

    After this post from them im happy to say i never whant to pay for this. Its not only the point that the game are free to play in all other lands. Its bcs the people DONT understand that they will be except.
    Most will realize that only when the child has fallen into the well. Im happy im not a part of that.
    Savage Hunt/ Dragons Prophet are a realy good alternative to Bless 🙂
    And BnS get a realy cool rework. It cant be better *-*

  • Snake Eyes

    No player trading, blahh

  • Ravors Malody

    This premium is bullshit. It might as well go 100% subscription. or be free to play with the premium.. They obviously want to die like Trion did with rift. Hungry for that early cash, then 5 years later all games are failing.