Bless Version Launches - Rangers / Berserkers Buffed and 3v3 PvP Arena Added

Neowiz launched patch for Bless today on Steam which provided a much needed buff to Rangers and Berserkers with a smaller DPS buff to all other classes across the board. The reasoning behind the across the board buff was to bring "combat more in line where we and our players want it." Today's update also introduces the new 3v3 PvP mode: Ceratanon Arena which plays a lot like traditional MMORPG arena PvP (best of five).

While Bless's launch has been plagued with issues, the game still peaks out at a bit over 7,500 players online at once on Steam. Bless is a buy to play fantasy MMORPG developed and published by Neowiz.

Check out the full patchnotes here.