Blizzard Entertainment Publishes A New Overwatch Short Story Featuring Ana

overwatch ana bastetIf you’re the kind of gamer who likes to dive in to a game’s lore then you’ll want to take a look at the new Overwatch short story written by Michael Chu, the senior lore and story designer for Blizzard’s popular shooter.

The short story, titled Bastet, features the support healer Ana’s backstory and her friendship with Jack Morrison, a.k.a. Soldier 76. Bastet is set after the events of the lore comic Old Soldiers. Here’s an excerpt from the story:

“After days of lying in wait, Ana’s target had appeared in one of Cairo’s opulent, ancient palaces. Abdul Hakim was a king in his own right, one who was using his power and influence to squeeze the life from the city, making himself and his followers rich in the process. But before she had her chance to capture him, the first ghost appeared: Jack Morrison. Though he was masked and had assumed the identity of a vigilante—Soldier: 76—she recognized him immediately.

The world believed that Morrison was dead, killed in the destruction of the Overwatch base in Switzerland, but Ana had her doubts. Though Jack had escaped death, a specter followed behind him… the Reaper. A killer clad all in black, his face hidden behind a bone white mask.”

Bastet’s debut also comes with a new in-game skin and mission. The story is available in PDF format and can be read, or downloaded if you prefer, from the Overwatch official site.