Block N Load's Latest Hero Is A Literal Hamster


Jagex announced today that their free-to-play block FPS, Block N Load, has received a new hero. The new hero, who goes by the name "Roly Poly Fat Fat," is a "Texan war hamster" in a "fully-weaponized ball." She is able to use her cannons to make "accurate, long-range attacks" with "explosive shells for maximum splash damage." She can also use her ball to dash around the map, as well as "vent" a "short-lived cloud of toxic fumes" as a counter to close-range attacks.

A rebalancing of the Perks system has been introduced alongside Roly Poly. Each tier of a particular Perk now has a "flat negative." This change was made in order to reward players for continuing down a single line of Perks, rather than spreading their points over multiple Perks.

For more information, head over to the Steam store page. The full patch notes for this update can be found here.