Elite Dangerous: Horizons - The Commanders Lets Players Multicrew And Customize Their Avatars Today

At long last, Elite Dangerous: Horizons' long-awaited update, The Commanders, has arrived. Players can now jump into vessels with friends and take part in multicrew co-op. Each ship has three roles that players can fill: Fighter, Gunner, and Helm. The Fighter takes the fight to the opponent at hand with a "ship-launched fighter deployed from the mother ship's launch bay" [...]

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Coming Soon: Personalize Your Commander In Elite Dangerous

Players will soon customize their commander's appearance in Elite Dangerous, making the perfect you: from handlebar mustaches to high top haircuts. There's an impressive variety of options (sliders). Although you wont be able to get out of your ship and walk around. The characters are holograms, representations of the tiny person sitting in the cockpit. The livestream—that you can watch [...]

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Elite Dangerous Is Headed To PS4 In Q2 2017

Following a period of Xbox One console exclusivity, Frontier Developments announced today that Elite Dangerous will be headed to PlayStation 4 in the second quarter of next year. The PS4 version will include exclusive features, such as touch navigation and motion-based headlook controls. As with many other titles that have been announced since the reveal of the PS4 Pro, those [...]

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Elite Dangerous: Horizons 2.2 - The Guardians Is Now Live

Frontier Developments announced today that the latest in Elite Dangerous: Horizons' season of expansions, 2.2 - The Guardians, is now live. The update brings with it ship-launched fighters, by way of fighter launch bays, the ability to carry passengers on your ship, and more. The update's key features are described as follows. The Guardians offers Commanders the opportunity to install [...]

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Elite Dangerous 2.2: The Guardians Beta Begins September 20th

Frontier Developments announced today that the latest major Elite Dangerous update, 2.2: The Guardians, will be entering Beta on September 20th. The Beta will be available exclusively to those who have purchased both the Horizons expansion and Beta access, which will be available on the Frontier Store for a mere £6.99. If you previously purchased Beta access pre-launch, you will not have to purchase access [...]

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Elite Dangerous


Elite Dangerous is a strategic sci-fi MMORPG where players command a starship, influence the rise and fall of governments, and the outcomes of war. Publisher: Frontier Developments Playerbase: Medium Type: Space Sim Release Date: December 16, 2014 Pros: +Extensive ship customization options. +Large universe to explore. +Player-driven economy. Cons: -Steep learning curve. -Grind to upgrade. -Shallow gameplay elements.

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