Bungie Weekly Newsletter Outlines Changes Coming To Destiny 2 With Update 2.2.1

destiny 2 nightfall guardiansLooking forward to what’s coming next to Destiny 2? Bungie has published the latest weekly newsletter which outlines changes coming to the sci-fi shooter when Update 2.2.1 comes out next week on April 9th.

First on the list of changes coming with Update 2.2.1 is how the weekly Nightfall resets are handled.

“For some time now, we’ve been encountering issues where some of our resets would catch bad streaks, preventing players from completing various Triumphs or earning their desired Titles. We’ve taken some time to address these issues and wanted to give an update on status. [. . .] Moving forward, we’ll be putting effort into preventing streaks where specific Nightfalls appear multiple weeks in a row or don’t appear at all for months, and we’ll be making sure your experience tackling strikes associated with Seals isn’t feast or famine.”

The update will also remove the weekly rotation for Ada-1 Weapon Frames to prevent long streaks where certain weapon frames such as the Sniper Rifle and Machine Gun wouldn’t appear. Once the update hits, Ada-1 will have all weapon frames on sale every week. Players, however, will still be limited to a certain number of frames per week.

In addition, the upcoming update will also introduce a drop rate changes for a number of items including the One Thousand Voices exotic weapon, Lore Books, as well as Dream City and Last Wish cosmetics. There’s also bug fixes, security updates to combat cheating, and tweaks to the Gambit Prime matchmaking system. “After modifying normal Gambit settings to try to create fairer matches, we re-evaluated the settings and have further tweaks to try to get them even fairer,” says Bungie. “We’ve also now had a chance to collect data on Gambit Prime and are applying these changes to Gambit Prime matchmaking to take advantage of our findings.”

Of course, there’s also the Movie of the Week video to look forward to. Check out this week’s winning video after the jump. We’ve also included the second-best video after that. You can also head over to the Bungie official site for more details.