Catch A Glimpse Of The Upcoming Winterhorn Skraev In The New Dauntless Nintendo Switch Trailer

dauntless winterhorn skraev bannerThis week at E3, Phoenix Labs announced that their recently launched monster-hunting game Dauntless will be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year."As lifelong Nintendo fans ourselves, we can’t wait to bring the Shattered Isles to Nintendo Switch," says the devs. "Soon we’ll be able to slay Shrikes on our lunch break! Or check our Hunt Pass on a flight!"

The announcement comes with a new trailer which also shows off the new and upcoming Dire Behemoth, Winterhorn Skraev. The Winterhorn Skraev will be making its game debut early next month giving Slayers plenty of time to prepare their frost armors and blaze-imbued weapons.

Check out the new trailer below. You can also head over to the Dauntless official site for more details.