ChangYou's Q1 Revenues Down 8% Year-Over-Year

ChangYou seems to be on somewhat of a major downturn right now, as its first quarter 2017 revenues are showing non-trivial decreases year-over-year. In total, the company made $120 million in revenue, an 8% decrease year-over-year and quarter-over-quarter. Online game revenue was a mere $85 million, a 17% decreases year-over-year and an 11% decrease quarter-over-quarter.

ChangYou claims that the decrease in online game revenue year-over-year was "mainly due to the natural decline in revenue of the Company's older games," while the quarter-over-quarter decrease was attributed to "mainly due to a seasonal downturn of revenue from TLBB around the Chinese New Year holidays in the first quarter of 2017," in addition to the aforementioned natural decline in revenue of its older games.

ChangYou has a mobile game called Legacy Tian Long Ba Bu launching in May. While it is stated that its "revenue projections for the game remain uncertain," it seems that the company is relying on the game doing well to drive profits for the next undetermined amount of time. ChangYou also has the Chinese version of Kingdom Under Fire 2 launching in May.