Chronicles of Elyria Prepares For an Event Spanning 3 In-Game Years

Day and night cycles in MMOs aren't that uncommon, and are usually considered to be a staple of "MMO immersiveness." But for its the future, Chronicles of Elyria is setting the foundation for an event with a whopping three year night cycle. Known as the Longest Night, this time of the year (or should I say, this time of the century) will have the celestial bodies in the Elyrian universe moving, shifting, and ultimately blocking out the light rays of the sun, known as Angelica.

There isn't too much in this blog - it's mostly something to set the foundation for an event. However, when lore updates such as these are posted, it usually translates into something quantifiable.

It's interesting to see how a three-year long event will go in Chronicles of Elyria. The devs themselves write that "Longest Night is also one of the most cherished times in Elyria; the need to cooperate to survive brings people together in ways that no other event in or on Elyria can."

Time will tell to see if - or when - Chronicles of Elyria gets its Longest Night event.