Conan Exiles Officially Launching on May 8th

Conan Exiles, the buy to play survival game from Funcom, is officially launching on May 8th, 2018 after 14 months of early access. The game will be available on PC, Xbox, and PS4. To celebrate the upcoming launch, Funcom released the following new Conan Exiles trailer:

The biggest changes with full release is a revamped combat system, 2 new giant maps, new Purge PvE invasions, farming, fast travel, new perks, gear, and more. A full list of launch changes can be found here.

“We wanted to make sure leaving Early Access is something more than just removing the Early Access label and saying we’re done,” says Funcom CEO Rui Casais. “Besides being the first time it’s available on PlayStation 4, the launch of Conan Exiles brings with it a massive expansion of the game world, game-changing new features such as monster invasions known as the purge and an entirely new action-oriented combat system, as well as many other major additions that truly makes this the ultimate vision of Conan Exiles. If you were ever on the fence, or you are just discovering it for the first time, May 8th is the time to join the adventure.”

  • Nubatron

    I'm already afraid of what to expect. Played since first entering EA. Feedback was largely ignored, features promised when the entered EA were cut or added half-done saying "Here you go". Each major update was littered with bugs. They are claiming to have an internal build which has most issue fixed, but then why do they except reports and feedbacks from testlive which is supposed to be the build with those supposedly fixed bugs still in it?
    Content that were cut include the deeper parts of the thrall system, which would actually make capturing thralls meaningful. It was also one of the main advertising points.

    I personally expect this launch to be just as buggy as any content update.

    • Optoid Player

      This is Funcom through and through. I have seen all the major feedback from The Secret World ignored and gameplay is still buggy 5 years later in SW:Legends. They have a reputation for not dealing with reported bugs or ignoring repeatedly reported issues.

      Exiles is built on the same engine as Age of Conan and The Secret World which made me hesitate in buying Exiles. After seeing the press and reading reviews I've decided to not bother with an expected broken game to save disappointment. Sure I have a top end rig but having recently given SW:L another test for any improvement and being disappointed again I think my decision to avoid this game built on dated tech will turn out to be a wise one.

    • Optoid Player

      I made a reply to this post earlier. Nothing wrong with it but it has been moderated. That will be the last free content I give to your site. k thx bai ..

    • Michael Carroll

      This is funcom we are talking about, can't expect much of anything good from them.

  • Downhomedude

    It looks pretty dope. Will there be a wipe or are new players coming into a fully established world?