Cryptic Studios Removing Foundry System in Neverwinter / STO

Cryptic Studios announced today that they're removing the Foundry System in both Neverwinter and Star Trek Online on April 11th. For those unfamiliar with the Foundry, it allows players to create their own play made dungeons / stories within both MMORPGs. It's been a personal favorite feature of mine and many others in these games, so it's definitely sad to see it go. The reason provided for removing the foundry was:

"However, the legacy knowledge required to maintain the Foundry at our quality standards is no longer available."

This essentially means the people currently working at Cryptic don't know how to keep it updated and the original programmers have long since left the company. Cryptic also stated:

“Our goal is to continue creating top-notch content for our current and upcoming games – and the development time and resources required to maintain the Foundry would impede on these new features and systems. To reiterate, this decision does not impact any other game feature or content development for Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, Champions Online, or future titles.”

Anyone who participated in a foundry mission or authored one will get a bunch of in-game swag, but the loss of this unique feature will definitely be missed, as there's been nothing quite like it in any other MMORPG.

Source: Official announcement