D.Va Available On The Heroes Of The Storm PTR

The latest Heroes of the Storm PTR patch has just gone live and it adds the MOBA's next hero: D.Va. A spotlight video has also released—that you can watch below—giving an overview of the "tenacious warrior;" she's a world-class bully that forces her opponents to retreat.

Just like Overwatch, D.Va will hop in and out of her mech. While in the exo she'll be able to attack while moving, making her a versatile pusher. Hopping out makes D.Va vulnerable but also boosts her attack damage to single targets.

She can also boost while in the mech, which knock-backs enemies that she rams into. The classic defense matrix returns, but rather than absorbing enemy attacks, it will severely reduce enemy attack damage.

Then there's self-destruct which has no cool down but runs on a charge—filled by dealing and taking damage. She also has an oddball heroic ability which makes her invulnerable as D.Va's mech bunny-hops around enemies and damages them.

You can check out the full patch notes or hop onto the PTR and experience the new hero directly. The patch will be available to play until May 15.