Darkfall: New Dawn Launching on January 26th, 2018

Subscription based MMORPG Darkfall: New Dawn announced today that they will officially launch on January 26th, 2018. Darkfall: New Dawn is a reboot of the old school sandbox full loot PvP MMORPG Darkfall which originally launched back in 2009. The game aims to differntiate itself from the countless MMORPGs out there today with an emphasis on old school hardcore elements. The game boasts "true action combat" along side free-form progression (Skill based progression rather than leveling).

Check out their latest trailer below:

While there is certainly a market out there for hardcore full loot MMORPGs, I don't think its large enough to support both Darkfall reboots (Darkfall: New Dawn and Darkfall: Rise of Agon) as well as other titles like Albion Online.

Edit December 15, 2017: There was a mistake in the press release. Darkfall: New Dawn is launching January 26th, 2018, not 28th.