Dauntless Kicks Off The Final Chapter Of The Dire Discovery Questline And A Mini-Event Series

dauntless multiplayer rpg dire discovery cover art

The ongoing Dire Discovery narrative in Dauntless is nearing its end as Phoenix Labs rolls out the final chapter in the questline, dubbed A Shadow. No other information has been given about what the new chapter entails so you’ll just have to find out for yourselves.

Aside from the new Island Adventure chapter, the latest content update for the monster-slaying MMORPG also kicks off the first of a series of mini-events that will run until the end of the year, starting with Bosun’s Bounty. The event will reward players with bounty tokens when they complete a bounty or complete the event’s repeatable Hard and Heroic Escalations. They’ll also earn double weapon XP and a repeatable slaying quest to earn combat merits.

Details can be found in the full patch notes on the Dauntless official site.

Dauntless | Dire Discovery Trailer