Dauntless Dives Into The Upcoming Path Of The Slayer Expansion In New Dev Update Video

dauntless mastery bannerThe Dauntless Path of the Slayer Expansion release is just a few days away and Phoenix Labs is keen to share what’s coming in a new developer update video. The upcoming expansion brings with it the new Mastery System, along with a reworked core progression which should make life in the Shattered Isles a whole lot easier for new Slayers.

“If you’re a veteran Slayer you know these things like you know your name … but how did you learn them? Chances are it wasn’t from Kat Sorrel.

With our rework of quests and progression, Slayers will now get the info they need to start mastering skills early on. We’ve structured our starter quests to put rookies through the basics and updated our tutorial cards with new graphics and cleaner instructions.”

Path of the Slayer will also introduce a new map, new quests, new patrols, new weapon customization options, a new End of Hunt screen, reworked chain blades, hammers, pikes, and swords, and changes to Hunt. Hitting the “M” key will bring up a new Map where you’ll see how most of the islands have been pulled closer to the Maelstrom.

dauntless path map hunt

“The Sheltered Frontier remains intact, but many of the islands beyond have been pulled into the larger Maelstrom,” explains Phoenix Labs. “Don’t worry — you will still have access to the same Behemoths you hunt now, though some of them may be in different locations.” The map will also show detailed Threat Levels and the revamped Hunt Types. Players will also be able to start Hunts right from the Map screen.

Path of the Slayer launches on April 24th and, due to the size of the patch, will require a two-day extended maintenance period. Servers are down as of this writing and will be back online on April 24th at 10am PT.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the upcoming expansion in the developer update video below. You can also head over to the Dauntless official site for more info.