Dauntless Fortune & Glory Update Brings New Weekly Trials And A New Pirate-Themed Hunt Pass Season

dauntless high skies fortune glory piratesFortune may favor the bold, but in Dauntless it takes more than bravery to earn your keep. Skill and maybe a little bit of luck also comes into play when you’re taking down an angry behemoth. Now it’s time to put those behemoth-slaying skills to the ultimate test with the arrival of Lady Luck and the Island of Trials in the new High Skies: Fortune & Glory update.

“If you’ve been looking for a way to prove your prowess, take it up with Lady Luck. She and her crew have towed an entire island to the edge of Ramsgate, eager to test the skills of the Shattered Isles’ most veteran Slayers. And you will be tested. These Behemoths are enhanced by dangerous modifiers, making them deadlier than anything you’ve seen in the wild so far. Think Nayzaga with Ragetail Gnasher’s shockwaves and Shrowd’s near-sight vision. Ouch.”

Slayers who successfully complete Lady Luck’s Trials will be rewarded with Marks, a new currency exclusive to the new game mode. Steel Marks, which can be earned in Normal difficulty, can be exchanged for combat-enhancing items, while Gilded Marks, earned by completing “Dauntless” difficulty trials, can be used to purchase exclusive cosmetics. Trials will change every week so be sure to make the most of your time. Slayers with the best times will have their name appear on the Wall of Champions for the whole week.

The update also marks the coming end of the ninja-themed Hidden Blades Hunt Pass Season on July 16th and the start of the pirate-themed High Skies Hunt Pass season. High Skies comes with not one, but two Hunt Passes, debuting with Fortune & Glory and ending with Zephyr Strike. So expect to see the pirate-theme for the next few months.

Watch the Fortune & Glory update teaser below. You can also head over to the Dauntless official site for more info.