Dauntless Hits 10 Million Players Worldwide, Nintendo Switch Version Playable at E3

dauntless slayers comic art

Just 3 weeks after its May 31, 2019 launch, Dauntless more than quadrupled its playerbase from its PC open beta, largely thanks to Epic's push of the game on PC and additional distribution on Xbox and PS4. While 10 million total players is impressive, without concurrent player data, it's not clear how sticky those players are. Anyone who registers for an account, even if they play for only 5 minutes, would be counted in this 10 million figure.

Buoyed by “One Dauntless,” the cross-play and cross-save system supported across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC through the Epic Games store, Dauntless has seen tremendous growth across all launch platforms. In the month of May, Dauntless was the #1 free-to-play game on PlayStation 4, an accomplishment earned while only being available for just over a week. The studio has already patched Dauntless twice since launch and will release its first major content expansion in July, offering players challenging new tests to the game’s cooperative hunting experience.

Announced during the Nintendo Direct livestream this morning, Dauntless will make its Nintendo Switch debut at E3. Show attendees can visit Nintendo’s booth in the West Hall Tuesday through Thursday to team up with others and go hands-on with the Nintendo Switch version of Dauntless. Phoenix Labs will also make a guest appearance on Nintendo’s Treehouse Live broadcast on Thursday, so fans will want to tune in to see what the team has in store. Dauntless will launch on the Nintendo Switch later in 2019.